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Professional Design Services




"I found the perfect property for my dream home"

We offer a complimentary service for individuals and builders who are considering a land purchase for a custom home.  This includes a

visit with you on your property to discuss your floor plan wish list, and provide an unbiased evaluation of the project's design potential.




"I want to stay in my existing home, should we renovate?"

We can arrange a complimentary visit to your home to determine your design possiblities.

Site Analysis

Walk property, evaluate views, research setbacks, building envelopes, height restrictions

Architectural Design

Custom home, remodel/additions, planning, specifications.

Construction Documents

Generated using Computer Aided Design technology

Model building

Three-dimensional presentations


Hand-sketched or computer generated, color or black & white.

Senior Home Safety Inspections

Inspections and design recommendations for increasing home safety, implementation of safety measures

such as handrails, chair lifts, and all ADA handicapped accessibility requirements & standards.

Construction Observation

Periodic site visits to ensure design compliance