Linc Taylor Design          

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Testimonials & Awards

   Gold Nugget Merit Award, Desert Mountain Information Center

   San Francisco, California.    Entries come from 14 Western states. "Recognizing those who improve      

   our communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development"

   Valley Forward Crescordia Award, Co-Designer, Desert Mountain Cochise/Geronimo Golf  

   Clubhouse Phoenix, Arizona.  Known as the “Academy Awards” of the environmental community,

   the event is Arizona’s oldest and most prominent competition of its kind. It spotlights distinguished

   projects throughout the Valley that demonstrate a high level of environmental commitment and contribute

   to the region’s overall sustainability.


"After six years in our home, we love it more each day.  We are so fortunate to have found this majestic site and even more fortunate

to have found you as our architect.  You provided the perfect design for the setting and gave us the home of our dreams.  You created a

place of warmth and beauty on an 'unbuildable lot', a place that every visitor, without exception, calls fantastic, marvelous, or awesome.

Our home is a continous joy to us and truly a compliment to your sensitivity and ability"          -Sam & Nancy Jacobsen

  "In the last five years, Linc has consistantly designed quality projects for my development company.  

    He excels in both residential and commercial design and respects my budget. "    -Lance Mortensen




"Linc was able to work skillfully with the many governmental, engineering and construction people involved to provide us with our

"dream house".  We found him to be a low key, get it done professional, 100% on accessibility and follow through, and pleasant

to work with."        -Mary & Bob Swift